A Family Run Martial Arts Club 

Messingham Martial Arts

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The Messingham Martial Arts Team

Owners and B.T.A Committee Members

Senior Master Stuart Usher

Chief Instructor
Master Stuart Usher holds a 5th Dan Black belt in Taekwondo & 4th Dan Black belt in Kickboxing. He is a highly trained and highly experience Instructor as well as highly motivated in delivering action packed fun filled classes for both junior and senior students.

Master Usher is also the Chief Instructor of the British Taekwondo Association and a member of the Executive Committee for the Universal Freestyle Karate Kickboxing Worldwide Association

Sabumnim Louise Usher

Senior Instructor

Sabumnim Louise Usher holds a 3rd Dan Black belt in Taekwondo and primarily the students pattern (forms) instructor. She is highly disciplined in ensuring things are done right whilst also making students feel at ease while learning their art. 

Mrs Usher is also the Health & Safety Manager for the British Taekwondo Association.


Amos Fenton


Lucasz Urbanski


Katie McCulloch

Junior Master

Sabumnim Rob Bird

Chief Instructor Brigg/Barton Kickboxing

Adam Usher

Junior Trainee

Class Assistants

Mrs Tina Newton

Senior Coach

Mrs Karen Smith

Senior Coach

Mr Simon Smith

Official Photographer

Callum Trought

Junior Coach

Daniel Hood

Junior Coach

Parent Liaisons

Selected for their support and impartialness for better communications between club and students.

Mrs Helen Frost

Parent Liaison

Mr Richard Frost

Parent Liaison
General Information

Mrs Sarah Lacey

Parent Liaison
Village Hall & Information

Louise trought

Parent Liaison
General Information