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Messingham Martial Arts

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Instructor Information

Sabumnim Amos Fenton

Rank: - 2nd Dan Black belt (Taekwondo)

Experience: - Taekwondo, Karate

Sabumnim Fenton has many years experience in the martial arts and enjoys sharing his knowledge with the students of Messingham Martial Arts. Sabumnim Fenton is hard working and dedicated, and is a great asset to the club, often giving up his time for events outside normal training as well as covering classes on the rare occasion Master & Sabumnim Usher are unable to or away.

Sabumnim Łukasz Urbański

Rank: - 2nd Dan Black belt (Taekwondo)

Experience: - Taekwondo, Judo, Kickboxing

Sabumnim Urbański is a dedicated martial artist, having many years experience in Taekwondo Sabumnim Urbański is now also training in the Japanese art of Judo. He has always put everything into his training including instructor training and enjoys helping others perfect their skills.

Junior Master Katie McCulloch (under 18)

Rank: - 4th Poom: - Taekwondo

Sabumnim Katie McCulloch started training at the age of 4 years old in a special formatted class for under 7's. She has been dedicated to her training for the past 10 years at a previous club Master Usher Instructed at. Sabumnim Katie McCulloch has had some great feedback recently with regards her knowledge and confidence when helping the students as well as skill level particularily since she is quite young in comparison to the other instructors. A valuable asset to the club Master Katie McCulloch is at most sessions and ready to help.

Junior Trainee Instructor Adam Usher (under 18)

Rank: - 2nd Poom Black belt Taekwondo

Experience: - Taekwondo, Kickboxing

Being the son of Master & Sabumnim Usher, Adam has been exposed to the Martial Arts since birth. He began training officially at the age of 5 but had a bit of a head start and access to extra training due to the family background. Adam has faced many challenges even at his young age and you could say pushed harder than most due to him being related to the club owners. Adam has dynamic skills  at a high level and is dedicated to training, he earned the rank of 1st Poom Blackbelt at the age of 9, making him one of the youngest in the country to do so. Adam is keen to learn what it takes to be a great instructor.

Junior Trainee Instructor Ella Frost (under 18)

Rank: - 1st Poom Black belt Taekwondo

Experience: - Taekwondo

Ella has trained under Master Usher since she was 5 years of age. She moved to Messingham Martial Arts in 2014 when it was first opened and has since then been dedicated to progressing through her colour belt grades to reach the very well deserved rank of 1st Poom (Junior Blackbelt) at the age of 10. She also earned special mention on her Blackbelt grading for her high level of skill and ability from one of the visiting Masters at the grading. Ella is now helping out in the Mini-ninjas class as well as continuing her own training, with the aim of learning what it takes to become a great instructor.